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Starring the attractive and talented trio of Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy, The Path begins in a somewhat similar fashion to Friday Night Lights — which is no coincidence, considering Jason Katims served as executive producer for both.

Set in a small northeastern community, we slowly become familiar with the strange but identifiable actions of Meyerism, as observed primarily through the Lane family. Eddie (Aaron Paul), a convert with a troubled past, and Sarah, who was born into a Meyerist family, are trying to raise their two children in what they insist is a "movement" and not a "cult" (as outsiders, or "receptives," as they’re referred to in the series, often label it). They’re calm, rational, and loving people who are focused on finding and living in "the light" found by climbing a metaphorical "ladder."

The Path is more concerned with the building blocks of what makes a religion acceptable, sustainable and good. Herein lies the true beauty of the new hour-long drama: While its participants are undoubtedly misguided to varying extremes, the actual practices of the movement are as pure, honest and productive as any other religion movement. Goldberg’s series isn’t merely trying to show us what it’s like to be indoctrinated into a cult, but what faith in anything can become when it’s corrupted. [1]

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